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Travel for free!

All program travel expenses are covered, including your flight to Australia!

The perfect work-life balance! This program is designed to allow for adventure- filled days off, while saving to take full advantage of the remainder of your 12 month Working Holiday Visa!


Flights to Australia will be booked from Heathrow > Sydney or Melbourne.

As per airline restrictions, we require a valid passport and visa to book your flight for you. You will be travelling on the same flight as your peers


Usually 3 months into your stay, you may be allocated a new location to live and work for the remainder of the program.

Any interstate movements and travel costs will be covered by BlueFit.

Your program leader will guide you through this process to ensure it all goes smoothly.

We also have many opportunities to travel for work, helping with opening new sites and training staff.


When will I get my tickets? 🎫

Once we have a copy of your Visa and valid Passport and your Program deposit has been paid, we can book your flights. Tickets/itinerary will be sent through a minimum of a month prior to departure, to allow for any other travel arrangements you may need to make.

Will my travel to Heathrow be arranged for me? ✈️

It is your responsibility to organize your travel arrangements to Heathrow International Airport. Please be mindful of times and flight delays.

How do I know my passport is valid? 🛂

You must have a minimum of 6 months validity on your passport in order for our Travel agent to secure your flights.

Do I need travel insurance? 🧭

Our travel agent suggests you do take out travel insurance, to cover the cost of luggage and valuables. However please be mindful that as a Working Holiday Maker from the UK, you have reciprocal rights to our healthcare system, medicare. For more information please click here.