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Program Support

You will have a program leader that will support you throughout every Stage of your journey, assisting you in a guided and  easy transition into Australia and the BlueFit Working Holiday Program.

Your program leader will oversee your overall progress and work alongside your workplace managers to support you best, ensuring you get the most out of your working holiday experience.

Time to PRepare

Once you have accepted your position within the program, the BlueFit team will guide your preparation.

You will attend our guided online workshops to help you prepare for your arrival in Australia.

  1. You will receive a link to the online meetings – attendance is compulsory.
  2. We will run through everything you need to know to prepare for your exciting adventure ahead.

Topics covered

Intro to life in Australia
Financial information - Bank accounts, Repayments, Pay, Tax and Super
Accommodation and Flights
Training tips and course enrolments
Program support
Packing tips


Once you land, you will be met at the airport, we will take you to your accommodation and allow you to explore the local area.
We will introduce you to Australia, show you where to shop, allow you to stock up on daily groceries, help you sort out your phones and then let you have a day to adjust to Aussie life and the dreaded jet lag…
Your program leader will also make sure you are comfortable in navigating your way around your new neighborhood and the best way to travel to your new workplaces.

You will meet the friendly team at your workplace/site and complete some work readiness training to ease you into the BlueFit world.

Work Readiness Workshop

Tax Declaration
Apply for Tax File Number
Apply for a Working with children check
Apply for a USI
Easy Employer
Cloud payroll


What do I do if I get homesick?🇬🇧

This is totally normal and we are here to support you along the way! It’s important you reach out to your program leader to tell them how you are feeling. We find that the best way to overcome this feeling is to immerse yourself into the new and exciting lifestyle, to take your mind off things. On the flip side, it’s also nice to find some creature comforts in your new home – this may be the Aussie version of your favorite activities and hobbies. We can help you with local knowledge to settle you in.

What If I am unhappy with anything? ❤️

Communication is absolutely key! Your program leader will work with you to help support you to overcome any challenges.