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BlueFit and Beyond


About halfway through your 6 month BlueFit Working Holiday program, you will get to choose your next adventure.

With very exciting Visa changes for all UK Passport holders, you can now get up to 3 years of Working Holiday Visas granted without the need for regional/farm work!

BlueFit is a National employer, so for the right person, there also may be exciting opportunities available to travel to our other States and work at some of the 50+ sites we manage across Australia. Not to mention the many upcoming new sites we have, allowing for wonderful professional development opportunities to assist with site transitions, openings and staff training.

Option 1: Continue to work with BlueFit

We know Australia will steal your hearts and you won’t want to say goodbye to your new BlueFit family, so we invite you all to continue with our BlueFit and Beyond program.

This is an extension program that is booked in 6 month blocks. The program allows you to continue with your employment and accommodation, at a reduced repayment schedule. You will also continue to have the support and guidance of our program leaders.

Please note, you may be required to move locations and accommodation in order to ensure your Visa requirements are met.

Option 2: Stay in Australia and travel for the remaining time left on your Visa.

Although we would love you to stay, we know that sometimes the travel bug is too hard to give up – especially in a country as beautiful as Australia!

If you choose to complete our program at 6 months, we will ensure your repayment schedule is finalised and provide you with the paperwork and knowledge you will need to help you recover any tax and superannuation that you may be eligible for.

Option 3: Flight back to London- Heathrow

Prior to your return to the UK, you will be signed out of the program. Your repayment schedule will be finalised and we will provide you with the paperwork and knowledge you will need to help you recover your tax and superannuation.


If I choose to stay, how will I organise my return flight?🛬

We can help connect you with the travel agent to organise your return ticket changes. Alternatively, you can nominate your return date and we can get this sorted prior to the program completion. For further travel information, please click here.

How do I continue with BlueFit’s accommodation? 🏠

If you choose to stay with the BlueFit and Beyond program, you will be allocated accommodation and continue to have repayments (reduced) deducted from your pay. Program allocations will work within a 6 months schedule, so we will guide the deadlines for this process, to ensure we have enough time to plan.


When it comes time to securing your place in the BlueFit and Beyond program, we will ask your preferences for location. Please remember, in order to meet the requirements of your visa there is the need to move locations every 6 months. We will also be factoring in things such as time with the company, experience levels, roles etc.